New York Magazine

Found in Space

The stove is there, to be sure, as well as a sink, but the other messy  accoutrements of food production – refrigerator, pantry, even dishwasher – seem to have disappeared. Even the island has gone on a  slimming vacation, its heavy base reduced to three slender stainless-steel legs. The kitchen’s owner, an art collector, “wanted us to maximize  the wall area while keeping the space very open. The kitchen needed to  feel like part of the entertaining area,” says Miami-based architect René  Gonzalez, who worked on the project with designer Amparo Vollert. The result: cooking transformed into performance art, a magic trick done for admiring guests who, for once, won’t notice they’re spending the whole party in the kitchen. “The client wanted the kitchen to simultaneously disappear and have a  presence.” – Amparo Vollert