Harmony Restaurant

This 5,000 sq. restaurant renovation was designed and constructed in two months. The retro modern design placed heavy emphasis on non-traditional materials.


Calvin Klein

Roundtable Builders was Calvin Kleins in-house contractor for New York and surrounding areas for a year. We facilitated building new displays and interior renovations during that time.


Photographers Loft

The prime focus of this project, completed for an international renowned photographer, is a skylight space that serves as a photography studio.. Taking cues from the photographer herself, the design and construction is honest, exposed and purposeful. As such, the project demanded deliberate and calculated execution. The scope included an in-ground photography studio, and renovations to the attached living and office areas.


Deans Office

This design-build project for Paul Goldberger, critic for the New Yorker and The New York Times, involved renovating a section of a 19th century Manhattan building. The design was approached in partnership with the chair of the Interior Design Department for Parsons School of Design. A limited budget and clever design features resulted in a series of intimately crafted spaces.


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